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          Series 1 Pump
          Product Type:Series 1

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          Product  Description
          PROCON's Series 1 pumps have the protection of an integral inlet strainer. The standard strainer is a 100 mesh wire screen. It traps particles that can cause serious damage to the pump. The strainer is equipped with a removable cap to allow periodic cleaning, every 4 months under normal conditions (more frequently with hard or turbid water). The clamp-on mounting style is shown in the photo; bolt-on mounting is also available.

          Body Material: Type 303 stainless steel or brass
          Capacity: 15 to 140 GPH
          Nominal Speed: 1725 RPM
          Typical Horsepower Required: .25 to .50 HP
          Maximum Discharge Pressure: 250 PSI
          Rotation (viewed from nameplate): Clockwise
          Dry Weight: Approximately 2.5 lbs.
          Dimensions: 3.56" x 3.49" x 3.86"
          Self Priming (water): 6 ft. Maximum Lift
          Port Size: 3/8 NPT Inlet and Outlet

          Popular  Model Numbers
          111A100F11AA, 111A125F11AA, 101B100F11BC, 101B100F11BC-875L, 101R100R12BC, 101B070R12BA, 101A100F11BC, 101A100F11AA, 101A100F11BA, 111A060F12CB, 111A125F11XX, 101C100F11BC, 101D100F11BD, 101A015F11BD, 10544, 11B025F11CB, 111A035F12CB, 101A050F11AA


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